Connecting people with opportunities
In the world’s coldest city, a new ride-hailing app launches. Their dream? To challenge the very idea of social injustice. Years later, the journey to a fair deal for everyone would spread across the globe, competing with market leaders and opening up new horizons for hundreds of thousands of people. Underdogs might not rule the world, but it can change it. Forever.

I am Obadaiha

Directed by Dan MacCain
Torn between his personal ambition and his parent’s wishes, a gifted teenager plans to turn a dream into a destiny, lifting himself and his family from the unpredictable poverty of the Lagos slums.
I am Obadaiha

I am Itam

Directed by Mahatma Putra
Driven into debt after losing his job in the pandemic, a father seizes the chance to head in a new direction with inDrive, build his very own barbershop, and fully enjoy the fruits of his labors.
I am Itam

I am Anastasia

Directed by Kristina Mikhailova
Fleeing a war, following a career, feeding a family… a courageous Sasha woman leaves Russia for a new life in Kazakhstan. But can the opportunity for freedom overcome a nostalgic yearning for her distant homeland?
I am Anastasia

I am Lizeth

Directed by Marcela Arteaga
Former police officer. Future firefighter. Forever mom. Lizeth was born to protect people. And as an inDrive driver, she helps women move safely around the streets of Saltillo. Because doing what’s right isn’t a challenge. It’s a choice.
I am Lizeth

Premieres around the globe

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Inner Drive movie premiere with meaninfull impact

inDrive presented a movie in authentic Autocinema Coyote. We collaborated with Red Cross and explained our guests rules of safe driving and self defence. Insird by the story of our hero Lizeth who activly helpting community in her city.

Insiping Inner Drive movie premiere

inDrive precented a movie for general public and Beginit students. We had an open event for all the people who interested in development of the worls and usually stuggle to get access to the information. We wanted to inspire them and motivate to follow their goals. The screening happend in Silverbierd cinema in Lagos for more than 100 people

Inspiring the next generation

Our launch screening at IQRA University offered 500 students the chance to see the movie first. The screening was followed by a fascinating panel discussion with honored guests.

Inspiring the next generation

Our launch screening at AlmaU and KAU universities offered more than 500 students the chance to see the movie first. After the screening, they had a chance to participate in a panel discussion with local journalists and movie directors including Assem Zhapisheva and Murat Daniyar.

Meet the people with inner drive

Head of StarTeam project, Kazakhstan
When you don’t have a choice, you don’t have a future.
Alexander Pavlov
SVP Breakthrough Growth, inDrive
I just created a group for my friends so they could save money on taxi rides. Then it kind of got out of hand.
inDrive driver, Indonesia
I could pay off my debt in three days because of inDrive.
Egor Fedorov
Chief of Staff, inDrive
We care. We understand. Our goal is to make the world a better place.
Tatiana Terentieva
General Counsel, inDrive
Nothing is impossible. It’s about going over challenges and growing and becoming even stronger.
Mark Loughran
President, inDrive
We can set a little spark that turns into a flame that turns into a fire of opportunity.
inDrive driver, Mexico
I want to be on the side of those who stand up for people.
Arsen Tomsky
СЕО, inDrive
This is how we are going to reinvent capitalism.
Evgenia Matrosova
Chief Growth Officer, inDrive
It’s very important to feel united behind a big vision which is meaningful for everyone. And it’s very important to act on it.
Nadezhda Ediseeva
Head of Driver Acquisition Developed Countries, inDrive
People are very hardy because they are solving everyday problems, very fast.
beginIT student, Nigeria
I can show the world that there is someone who can help.
Prokopii Fedorov
VP Breakthrough Growth, inDrive
I didn’t even understand how to buy tickets to countries that were so far away.
beginIT teacher, Nigeria
This is going to contribute a lot to the lives of the children.
Yuri Kostenko
Chief Product Officer, inDrive
You should draw conclusions from mistakes and avoid making them in the future.
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